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Pond Health Program
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The Pond Health Program is a wellness program modeled after the healthcare currently provided to all other pets by veterinarians. Koi and pond fish experience many challenges throughout the year. A preventative maintainance program is just as effective at optimizing the healthcare of our "wet pets" as it is for our dogs, cats, birds and herps. Developed by Dr. Tepper after years of experience caring for koi, this program consists of 2 scheduled visits each year in the Spring and Fall by Dr. Tepper. Each visit consists of an examination of the pond, filter system and fish, water sampling and testing for chemical and biological quality and an annual parasite check of a fish. The program is tailored to the needs of each owner, with unlimited 24/7 email support and direct telephone consultations when necessary. The cost varies with different locations as travel time affects the schedule, so please contact us as soon as possible for a quote and to schedule a visit................ 

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Water sampling for water biology and chemistry analysis

Parasite check from gill biopsy on sedated koi