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New pond specifications
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The semi-inground pond pictured was designed and perfected by Dr. Tepper to provide an ideal habitat for koi in the Northeast U.S. It can be built in sizes ranging from 5000 gals. to 15,000 gals. in most backyards, with minimal disturbance to the existing landscaping. It features a dual circulation system, for warm and cold weather conditions. Maintenance requires only a few minutes a week, and involves only pulling levers and flipping switches! Below is the list of features typically used in this pond design:

- 40 mil EPDM pond liner
- decorative stone facing on upper inside of pond
- wide stone coping on top edge
- large bottom drain
- midwater filter pickup
- surface skimmer
- settling chamber prefilter
- bubble washed bead filter with blower
- warm season pump
- cold season pump
- UV clarifier
- autofill water line
- midwater, winter and waterfall return lines

Other features that may be added to the design project:

- decorative waterfalls and spillways
- choice of stone facing on outside of pond
- underground waste sump
- electrical supply hookup
- water supply hookup

Contact us for a consultation about building your new pond