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Semi-inground koi ponds
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A new koi pond design developed by Dr. Tepper is the semi-inground koi pond. Uniting all the new state-of-the-art equipment with this design has many attractive features:

- In the same area as a traditional pond, this design allows 2X the water volume for improved water quality with high fish loads. This has proven to be ideal for homes where a high water table or underground structures limit digging down deeply

- The finished stone edging, 18" above ground, offers an ideal seating area to feed and enjoy your favorite koi

- This same 18" side wall helps reduce the danger for small children and minimizes leaf and debris collection, as well as storm runoff into the pond

- The deep, straight sides greatly reduce the losses caused by raccoons and herons

An ordinary looking, shallow pond with too many fish for so few gallons of water

At the same location, an extra-ordinary deep pond. Runoff problems were eliminated by this design.