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The care of sick koi and pond fish is often difficult to accomplish without a complete assessment of the pond. For this reason, Dr. Tepper recommends a pond visit whenever something does not look right. Once an account is established, a visit will be scheduled as soon as possible. This will include a complete evaluation of the pond, filtration system and fish, a sampling of water for chemical and biological water quality testing and the capture, sedation, biopsy sampling and recovery, when indicated, of a fish for complete parasite testing. Other testing or procedures, when needed, may also be done on-site.
      A visit usually takes about 2 hours. As Dr. Tepper brings all the necessary equipment with him, including assistance when needed, it is not essential that the pondkeeper be at home for the visit. The fee for a pond visit is based on an hourly rate, including travel time. A quote will be provided when the account is established.
      Dr. Tepper is prepared to travel with short notice  over the NY metro area.

Please contact us immediately if you suspect a problem with your pond......

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Dr. Tepper sedating a fish for examination

Examination of gills and parasite check